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Assiniboine Park and Assiniboine Park Zoo are open year-round.

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There are no admission fees for Assiniboine Park or the Pavilion Gallery Museum.

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Art in the Park

Pavilion Gallery Museum at sunset

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.
Henry David Thoreau

PUBLIC NOTICE — JANUARY 15, 2015: The Ivan Eyre Gallery (3rd floor) at the Pavilion Gallery Museum is currently closed for maintenance. We do not have a re-opening date confirmed at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please check back for updates.

What is art? Art can be a painting, a sculpture, a mural, a photograph, the written word, a piece of music, a dance, or a child’s craft. Art can fill grand museums, adorn the walls of our homes, take centre stage, and even have places of honour on the front of our refrigerators. Art inspires, entertains, and informs, and the creation of art gives us the opportunity to express our inner emotions, explore new ideas, and test the limits of our imagination.

We invite you to take advantage of the many opportunities to learn about, enjoy, or create your own art amid the beautiful surroundings of Assiniboine Park!


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