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Went to a Garden Party

Co-chairs Ruth Asper and Lee Meagher invite you to attend this summer’s most anticipated event – Assiniboine Park Conservancy’s annual Garden Party taking place this year on August 19th in the beautiful Leo Mol Sculpture Garden. Drawing inspiration from a gentler time of peace, love and happiness the evening will include a very special butterfly release opportunity.

Proceeds will support the new, iconic Conservatory.

Thank you to our Presenting Patron
Susan Glass & Arni Thorsteinson, Shelter Canadian Properties Limited


Tickets are $175 each and will be available for purchase online starting June 1, 2015.
For more information, please email Donna at


Each mosaiculture is hand crafted by a member of the Assiniboine Park Conservancy horticulture team.

Exclusively offered at this year’s event are unique butterfly mosaicultures for your garden personally crafted by the talented Assiniboine Park Conservancy horticulture team.

Mosaiculture is a refined horticultural art that involves creating and mounting living artworks made from a variety of plants with colourful foliage.

Only 30 available for purchase.
Two sizes available. $375 each.

This purchase is not eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

Each butterfly holds 350 to 400 plants.


Chosen plants are adaptive to high light – minimal care is required.

Water thoroughly 2 – 3 times per week with half strength fertilizer solution ensuring that the structure is adequately moistened each time on all sides.

Your mosaiculture is anticipated to last until the Thanksgiving weekend and longer depending on fall temperatures and degrees of frost encountered.

A total of 10,500 plants are required to make 30 mosaicultures.

Butterfly mosiacultures will be available for pick-up at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory after the August 19th event.

Photos do not reflect a finished piece.

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