Assiniboine Park Programs

Assiniboine Park and Assiniboine Park Zoo are open year-round.

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Admission Rates

There are no admission fees for Assiniboine Park or the Pavilion Gallery Museum.

Visit the Assiniboine Park Zoo website for fee information.

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Guided Tours & Treks

Guided Group Tours

English GardenGuided walking tours are available for groups year-round at the Assiniboine Park Zoo, Pavilion Gallery Museum and Assiniboine Park Conservatory, and seasonally in our beautiful gardens.

Minimum 12 people required

Tour lengths – 45 to 60 minutes

Garden Tour

Wander the paths of the English Garden to learn about its amazing annuals and perfect perennials. Then stroll through the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden; a serene garden brimming with flowers and tranquil pools, which features the magnificent work of internationally recognized Ukrainian-Canadian master sculptor Dr. Leo Mol.

Park History Tour

Are you a long-time visitor of the Park? Share your stories with us as we take a trip down memory lane exploring Assiniboine Park’s 100 year history.

Zoo Safari

Take a trip on the wild side as we discover animals and what’s new at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. Seasonally from May to September, we will explore the Shirley Richardson Butterfly Garden and learn about Manitoba’s beautiful butterfly species.

Pavilion Gallery Museum Tour

Are you interested in art? Join us for a tour of the Pavilion Gallery Museum as we gaze upon the works of great artists such as Ivan Eyre, Clarence Tillenius and Walter J. Phillips.Hear the stories about the artists and their work, plus, go back in time as you learn about the original works of A.A. Milne, and hear the story behind this famous bear and her Winnipeg connection.


Would you like to focus on a different theme or area of the Park or Zoo? We can create new experiences for you and your group; just give us a call. 

If you and your group would like to be introduced to art in the Park, Park history, horticulture, Zoo animals and exhibits, or urban nature play, please contact Assiniboine Park Programming at 204-927-6070 or email

Information for Tour Operators

Please contact us at for pricing and options.

Zoo Group Reservations

The Assiniboine Park Zoo offers a discount rate to groups of 30 or more paying people.

Zoo Group Discounts do not apply to Guided Tours or Education Programs

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Programming Reservations

School bus and kidsWe offer a variety of school and group programs and tours designed for children from Nursery to Senior 4. All programs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Subject matter is varied and diverse and customized to the age of the students in your group. Our interpretive approach is to develop programming that is Enjoyable, Relevant, Organized, Themed, and Meaningful

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For more information about Guided Tours or to make a reservation, please call 204-927-6070 or send an email to

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