Assiniboine Park Programs

Assiniboine Park and Assiniboine Park Zoo are open year-round.

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There are no admission fees for Assiniboine Park or the Pavilion Gallery Museum.

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Park & Zoo Programs



To connect people with nature and to inspire them to take positive actions to protect wildlife and wild places.


1) To provide positive recreational and educational guest experiences by delivering memorable programming throughout the Park and Zoo.
2) To contribute to environmental education and promotion of global conservation of animals and their habitats.
3) To motivate others to foster healthy relationships with the environment, building empathy with nature through direct, indirect and hands-on exploration and discovery.

It is our aim to encourage participant’s natural environmental curiosity, while imparting a lifelong sense of wonder of everything above and below ground. With older participants, we want them to feel empowered as they develop a love for exploring nature and consider possible social actions that support their environmental passion. Our programs are all cross-curricular; incorporating science, social studies, language arts, art, and drama, and directly relate to Manitoba Curriculum learning outcomes.

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We Have Great Indoor & Outdoor Facilities

The Assiniboine Park Zoo is Manitoba’s premiere location for animal-based education. The Zoo’s Education Centre promotes awareness of endangered species and wildlife conservation through public education and hands-on, interactive learning. The Pavilion Gallery Museum and Leo Mol Sculpture Garden are first-class locations for art education. The Assiniboine Park Conservatory is one of the most unique plant-based teaching facilities in Manitoba. The extensive living classrooms – the Herb Garden, the Abilities Garden, the English Garden, the tropical Palm House and Floral Display Atrium – provide dynamic year-round settings for exciting lessons. And as always, there are acres upon acres of natural beauty that Assiniboine Park freely offers to you to help green your mind, body and soul.

We Have Great People

Click here to meet our dynamic team of passionate and professional educators.

Each member of our team brings a wealth of knowledge, skill, experience and enthusiasm to every program. They know how to make learning fun!

We Educate & Entertain

We specialize in walking tours along with one-of-a-kind programs and workshops on a wide range of themes. Bring your class or group to explore the wonders of the plant and animal worlds or the wonderfully expressive worlds of art and sculpture, food and cuisine, music and literacy. We incorporate learning outcomes of Manitoba Education Citizenship and Youth curricula in science, social studies, language, recreation, culture, career development, sustainability and the arts for pre-school to Senior 4, but you can also just come for the fun. A wide variety of teaching strategies are used to connect with many different learning styles from the naturalist to the interpersonal.

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