Red Panda Weekend


Join us at the Zoo to celebrate International Red Panda Day! Learn all about these incredible, adorable animals and global efforts to conserve the species through games, activities, Zoo Chats, and more.

Red panda Zoo Chats start at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday at Toucan Ridge. Get to know more about the Zoo's red pandas from the people that know them best!

Free Activities (included with your Zoo admission)

11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Located at the McFeetors Heavy Horse Centre

  • Red Panda Ranger Passports: Complete activities at Red Panda Weekend and get stamps in your passport. Collect all the stamps to become a Red Panda Ranger.
  • Eco Plinko: How can you reduce your environmental impact and help save red pandas? Answer some conservation questions for Plinko chips.
  • Red Panda Adaptation Station: Learn incredible facts about the amazing, and adorable, red panda.
  • The Balance Challenge: Is your balance as good as a red panda’s? Test your skills on the balance beam.
  • Spot the Red Panda: Red pandas are great at camouflaging in trees in their home countries. Can you spot them all in our photos?
  • Firefox Dunk Tank: How much do you know about Red Pandas? Test your knowledge and get a slam dunk!
  • Selfie Station: Take your pic in a Red Panda habitat-like setting.

Fundraising Items and Activities

11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Located at the McFeetors Heavy Horse Centre
Suggested minimum donation of $2.00 each

  • Red Panda Buttons - Get a cute and cool button for your backpack or jacket!
  • Red Panda Decorations - Hand-made by our fabulous volunteers!
  • Fabulous Face Painting 

Funds raised support the Red Panda Network, an incredible organization dedicated to conserving wild red pandas and their habitat.