The Leaf is currently under construction and coming soon to Assiniboine Park.

Canada is a garden of cultures living in harmony and thriving together. The Leaf is a stunning showcase of our diversity, expressed through plants that shape our lives here and across the globe.

The Leaf is the first and only garden attraction in North America to tell Canadians’ cultural stories through the world of plants.

The Leaf and Canada's Diversity Gardens is the final major phase of the redevelopment of Assiniboine Park. 

The beauty of our country lies in its diversity. And it’s the celebration of this diversity that will define and strengthen us for future generations. This is the vision behind The Leaf and Canada’s Diversity Gardens.

Plants are essential to life. Throughout history, the availability of plants for food, medicine, and the necessities of life have shaped cultures around the world. They are the one true global common denominator across all cultures and all time, and they unite us all as Manitobans and as Canadians. Using plants as the medium, The Leaf and Canada’s Diversity Gardens will explore the human connection with plants and nature and showcase our nation’s extraordinary multicultural heritage.

The gardens will change over time allowing for a focus on multiple themes including health and well-being, sustainability and conservation, food and drink, beauty and expression, and spirituality and consciousness.

Visitors will discover the role plants have in shaping the life and identity of their community and their country – past, present and future.

Explore the Leaf

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Explore the Gardens

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Bring this vision to life! 

Imagine a place where nature, culture and community unite. Imagine a place that inspires us to live in harmony with nature and each other.


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