Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

Combining artistic beauty with a natural setting, the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden offers a quiet retreat to enjoy the magnificent works of master sculptor, Dr. Leo Mol.

Hours: 9:00 am - dusk

Please note: the Leo Mol Gallery and School House are closed for the season. The gardens remain open. 

Located in the north-west side of the Park, the garden was created as a result of Dr. Mol’s generous gift of his wonderful bronze pieces and works of art to the community in which he lived.

The garden is also home to the Leo Mol Gallery, featuring works by the gifted artist, and the Leo Mol School House Studio. In the 1960s Leo Mol purchased the former schoolhouse and many of his pieces were completed in it during the 1970s and 1980s. The interior of the Schoolhouse has been maintained intact complete with moulds and plaster casts of major works. It allows the visitor a glimpse of how a bronze sculpture is created.

Host an event in the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden.

Smoking is prohibited in the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden.

About Dr. Leo Mol, O.C., LLD, R.C.A.

Leo Mol (Leonid Molodoshanin) was born in 1915 in Polonne, Ukraine. He studied in the Leningrad Academy of Arts, Kunst Academy in Berlin, Germany, and the Academy of Arts in The Hague, Netherlands. In 1948, he made his home in Canada. He passed away in 2009, after receiving multiple honorary degrees and being inducted into the Order of Canada.

Mol created his sculptures using the Lost Wax method. In this process, clay is modeled on a rebar and wood structure then covered in liquid rubber to form a mold. Plaster is layered over the mold, creating a cast. ‚ÄčThe cast and mold are separated from the model and melted beeswax is pressed into the rubber mold. A cement mixture is then poured inside the wax layer. After the cement hardens the molds are removed, leaving a wax model with a solid cement core.

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