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Beauty of Manitoba: Artworks by Wanda Slawik

December 4, 2022 - February 26, 2023

A note from the artist, Wanda Slawik:

I am inspired by the beauty and diversity of people and the vibrant artistic life of Manitoba. My paintings, sketches and textiles aim to capture those moments when simple human connections become art.

All around us, the light, colour and form change rapidly – just like our feelings and perceptions. Nature, architecture and cultural events of our province inspire me every day. I also want to show you the brilliance of the human form and human identity. Each person's story is reflected in the way they rest their hands, recline in the chair, and hold my gaze when I draw their lines.

It is an alphabet of creation. The impression becomes the connection, the inspiration and the purpose of my art.

September in Birds Hill Park.jpg (47 KB)

September in Birds Hill Park
Wanda Slawik, 2022
Pastel, 24”x30”

Assiniboine Park
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