Community Gallery

CollabosaurusRex: An Alliance Born From Clash

May 16, 2021 - December 5, 2021

Artists Cori Jaye Ettienne & Zephyra Vun present “CollabosaursRex: An Alliance Born From Clash”. This exhibit is comprised of works that fuse the colourful, acrylic, pop-art spirit of Cori Jaye with Zephyra Vun’s geometric, architectural approach.

This body of work exemplifies the amalgamation of two individual art styles, showcasing two creative forces clashing together in collaboration’s purest form. The intention behind this project is to promote a culture of inclusivity amongst artists and patrons, breaking down the stigma of ego and competition amongst artists, proving that inspiration and new perspectives can enhance individual practices through collaboration.

The exhibit features co-existing themes of Winnipeg, dinosaurs, and community.

The Community Gallery is supported by Arlene Wilson

"I Scream You Scream" artwork by Cori Jaye Ettienne & Zephyra Vun

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