Community Gallery

The Community Gallery is currently closed in preparation for our next exhibit opening June 4. 

Sober Families Alliance's "Recovery: Emerging Perspectives"

June 4 to August 20, 2023

Sober Families Alliance’s Recovery: Emerging Perspectives is a collaboration of various artists, groups and allies of all ages who support the mandate of Sober Families Alliance and the idea of healthy, sober and stable family environments. Artist contributors include professional artists, art teachers, art therapists, students, kids, and several adult artists in addictions/mental health recovery themselves. This exhibit explores the emergence of self-esteem, autonomy, gender, personal identity, addiction, bullying, harms, and mental health, and being grounded in positivity, spirituality, transformation, and growth. Healing is for everyone.

Sober Families Alliance (SFA) is a Recovery Capital-based, registered not-for-profit wellness association made up of people who promote healthy, sober parenting, families and includes individuals choosing recovery from addiction, mental health, bullying and violence. SFA is open to all who support their values, whether in recovery or allies, regardless of history of addiction or mental health. SFA helps facilitate events such as Recovery Day Winnipeg and the delivery of programming to individuals and groups of all ages, with a focus on children and teens. SFA’s programs have included fitness, wellness, art, cosplay and martial arts as part of the healing and growth process.  

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