Spring, Summer, and Fall Activities

Lyric Theatre

The Lyric Theatre is the site of the Casinos of Winnipeg Summer Entertainment Series in the Park. The large outdoor stage hosts a variety of performances for every taste and age, including music, jazz, ballet, and movies. The Lyric Theatre and field is also frequently used by community organizations hosting their own events at the Park. See a list of upcoming events at the Park.


Bike Rentals

Rent a single, tandem, or other unique pedal-powered novelty bike from Bee2gether Bikes located on Assiniboine Park Drive near the Riley Family Duck Pond and the Assiniboine Park foot bridge (look for the yellow and black Boler camper). For more information visit www.bee2getherbikes.com.


Terry Fox Fitness Trail

The Terry Fox Fitness Trail runs through the south-east corner of the Park and features modern outdoor fitness equipment plus instructional signage. A renovation completed in the spring of 2016 included significant landscaping and the planting of approximately 100 young trees along the length of the trail. This transformation was made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors and with special thanks to lead donor National Leasing. The Terry Fox Fitness Trail is on the TREKFIT mobile app! The app helps you locate TREKFIT parks and offers training programs based on your fitness abilities and goals.

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