Programs at The Leaf

Assiniboine Park Conservancy education programs connect people with nature and inspire them to be environmental stewards.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of engaging and curriculum-linked experiences for students, catering to Pre-K through Grade 12. Our programs are carefully designed to captivate young minds and provide immersive learning experiences.

Our approach is truly interdisciplinary, blending science with arts, culture, language, social studies, and beyond. We firmly believe that learning should be a multisensory adventure. We encourage various styles of learning, incorporating hands-on activities, storytelling, presentations, tours, and teamwork. This diverse mix keeps students actively engaged, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world around them.

And here's the best part – our programs are available year-round, regardless of the weather! Whether it's raining, shining, or snowing, we're ready to provide an unforgettable experience. Join us at the Leaf, where learning comes to life in the most exciting and enriching ways!

Your Program Includes

Each program is facilitated by our skilled staff and volunteer interpreters. Programs will include a tour of the biomes, plus supporting activities both indoors and out.

Program Fees

Minimum program fee: $150.00 +GST
Students and Registered Childcare: $10.50 +GST/child

This fee includes admission into the biomes for the duration of your program only. Early entry or re-entry into the biomes after your program is not included in your program price. Please note: member admission and discounts do not apply to School & Group Programs.

Fees are subject to change. Programs are subject to a minimum program fee of $150.00 +GST. 

Fees and Payment Policies

To ensure a smooth experience, all program fees must be settled either before the scheduled field trip date or on the day of the visit. Failure to comply with this policy may lead to the cancellation of your program.

Accepted forms of payment include:

  • Electric Funds Transfer: EFT’s must be sent at least two business days prior to your visit. Please include the following details:
    • Booking Number
    • School Name
    • Date of Program
  • Cheque: present cheque at visitor services upon arrival for your program.
    Please note: Assiniboine Park Conservancy is no longer able to issue refund cheques for changes in numbers.

  • Credit, debit, cash: pay at visitor services upon arrival for your program.

Program instructor supervises child as they take a photo of plants


A Tree For Every Season | Pre-K - Grade 1

Grades Pre-K – Grade 1 | 90 minutes 

When we use our senses, we are fully engaged in nature rather than just passing through it. Our journey will take us through the Leaf and the outdoor gardens as we explore what makes trees so terrific! We’ll engage our entire bodies as we use dramatic play to understand the vital role trees play in our lives and in our environment and how they change throughout the seasons. 

Subject areas: Science & Social Studies 
Location: Inside and outside The Leaf (please dress accordingly) 

Connecting Our Roots | Grades 2/3

Grades 2 - 3 | 120 minutes  

Have you ever thought of the role plants play in your family, community, and the world around you? Through stories from our local and global communities, we will recognize the ways people have connected with plants in the past, present and future. Together, we will understand the integral role plants play in our lives. 

Subject areas: Social Studies 
Location: Inside and outside The Leaf (please dress accordingly) 

Plant Pals | Grades 2/3

Grades 2 - 3 | 120 minutes 

Students will learn all about the life cycles of flowering plants, from seed to flower. They will discover how plants use clever ways to make sure their lifecycles happen again and again. Seed dispersal, flowering times, pollination, and fruit growth will also be covered with fun interactive games. 

Subject areas: Science 
Location: Inside and outside The Leaf (please dress accordingly) 

Mashkiki Babaamose: Medicine Walk | Grades 4/5

Grade 4 - 6 | 120 minutes 

Come explore in the Indigenous Peoples’ Garden where we learn about the four Sacred Medicines, and many other plants that are culturally significant to Indigenous peoples on these lands and how they have been used since time immemorial. We will also discuss the diversity that exists between different Indigenous cultures, and our collective responsibility to care for the land we live on, the water, and those we share it with (including plants!). Our indoor portion will explore the biomes to observe plants that are significant in other Indigenous cultures around the world and learn how the responsibility of stewardship is connected to protecting biodiversity globally.  

Subject areas: Grade 4, 5, 6 Social Studies, Indigenous Languages and Cultures, Science 

Please note: This program will always have an outdoor and indoor component, please dress accordingly. 

diverCity | Grades 6/7

Grades 6 - 7 | 120 minutes 

Through science inquiries and art expression, students will develop a deep appreciation of how cultural diversity is rooted to biological diversity. Biodiversity provides culturally significant foods, art inspiration, languages, and a sense of self and community. Climate change has been linked with biodiversity, which has been declining at an alarming rate. Together, we will examine ways to support biodiversity so nature and culture can continue to thrive. 

Subject areas: Science, Social Studies, and Education for Sustainable Development 
Location: Inside and outside The Leaf (please dress accordingly) 

Bananas, Avocados, and Chocolate, Oh My! | Grades 7 - 9

Grades 7 - 9 | 120 minutes

Not each food story is a happy one. This program will delve into the political, social, environmental, and economic implications of some very popular plant-based food items. Through a series of hands-on activities, we will focus on examining the production of bananas among other food crops, their environmental impacts, and the ramifications for global communities.

Subject areas: Science, Social Studies, Education for Sustainable Development
Location: Inside The Leaf

Photography Programs

Nature Photography 

Grade 3 – 7  | 90 minutes

Photography is a great way to connect with nature and take a closer look at the environment around you. Discover nature through the lens of a camera and learn basic techniques that will help you take great outdoor photographs. Cameras are provided. 

Learning Outcomes: Grades 3–7  Social Studies and Visual Art

Maximum Students: 30  

Choose from three locations:

  • The Zoo - $12.50 + GST/child – available Sept - Oct & April - June
  • The Park - $7.00 + GST/child – available Sept - Oct & April - June (does not include admission to the Zoo or Leaf)
  • The Leaf - $10.50 + GST/child – available Sept - June

Book Your Program

Leaf Programs are sold out for May/June 2024.

When submitting a request for a program, please provide a minimum of three dates that work for you and your school schedule. Our Education & Programs team will reach out to confirm your program.

Supervising Adults

  • Chaperones must be responsible adults (i.e. teacher, volunteer, or parent).
  • Chaperones provide safety and help guide your students’ educational experience at Assiniboine Park and Zoo and should take an active role in supervision.
  • Class and group behaviour is the responsibility of chaperones, NOT Assiniboine Park Conservancy’s Program Instructors.
  • Chaperones who fall within the ratio of 1 adult per 10 students grade Pre-K -12 are included free of charge.
  • Extra chaperones will be charged $15.25 +GST each.

Cancellation and Weather Policies

  • If you need to cancel your program, please do so as soon as possible.
  • 15+ days in advance = full refund
  • All groups failing to show or cancelling within 14 days will be charged 50% of the total fee
  • We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any program. A full refund will be issued if the Education Department cancels your tour or program.
  • All programs run rain, snow, or shine, with the exception of severe weather conditions (thunderstorms, high wind chills, unsafe travel conditions, school closures). Depending on the severe weather situation, attempts may be made to reschedule your program.

After your program has been booked:

  1. A confirmation and invoice will be sent to the booking teacher, based on the numbers you have provided.
  2. We understand that numbers can change. If you need to make adjustments, you can do so up to five business days prior to your visit.
  3. To adjust your numbers please contact us by email with your updated numbers along with your invoice number. Otherwise, you will be charged for the numbers on your original booking form.

Please note that any additional students and chaperones beyond your confirmed amount will incur extra charges. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee accommodation for extra participants in the guided program.

For more information please contact:

Phone: 204-927-6070

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