Rocky Mountain Goat

Rocky Mountain Goats live in the high-altitude forests, grasslands, and shrublands of Canada and the United States. Their thick white coats provide warmth and camouflage on snowy mountain peaks. The wool of these goats has been used to make clothing and blankets by Indigenous peoples. 

Fun Fact - Female goats are called nannies and their young are called kids.

Taxonomic name:  Oreamnos americanus

Type:  Mammal

Conservation Status:  Least Concern

Wild Range:  High-altitude forests, grasslands and shrublands of Canada and the United States

Diet:  Grasses, mosses, lichens, low-growing shrubs, and conifers

Longevity in the wild: Few males live past 10 years but females can live up to 16 years

Size:  1 meter at the shoulder

Weight: 45 to 136 kg

Visit our Rocky Moutain goats in the Boreal and Grassland section of the Zoo!