There are more than 1000 orchid species, subspecies and varieties growing in the Philippines!

The orchid tree in our Flora of the Philippians display is made up of the genus Phalaenopsis, or moth orchids. These are popular and widely cultivated orchids known for their elegant flowers and vibrant colours. Species of the genus Phalaenopsis are native to Southeast Asia, including countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and parts of northern Australia.

Moth orchids are popular among both beginner and experienced orchid enthusiasts due to their beauty, adaptability to indoor conditions, and relatively easy care compared to some other orchid species.

White Moth Orchid

Girls with orchid

See the Flora of the Philippians show from now until March 17!

This new display is inspired by the lush tropical forests that define the breathtaking landscapes of the Philippines. Flora of the Philippines will showcase two orchid trees, bamboo pillars, a bromeliad tree, living arches covered in earthy moss, and more.