Animal: Boa Constrictor

Taxonomic name: Boa constrictor

Conservation Status: Least Concern (IUCN Red List)

Wild Range: Tropical to semi-arid of South America

Diet: Small to moderate-sized birds, mammals, and reptiles.

Longevity in the wild: 20-30 years.

Size: Up to approximately 3.9 meters.

Weight: 10 - 15 kg, although some individuals have weighed over 45 kg

Fun fact: Boa constrictors have two lungs, but only one is functional! The left lung is reduced in size and does not aid in breathing.

Conservation Story: Some populations of this species are at risk due to overharvesting in the illegal pet trade!

Visit our two boa constrictors, Heads & Tails, in Toucan Ridge!