Engelman Ivy (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) is a large five leafed ivy that uses sticky tendrils to climb fences, walls or pergolas. A member of the grape family, it grows well in sun or shade and is hardy to zone 3. It can tolerate wet soils and is drought tolerant.

Usually planted in spring, this ivy can reach 20' tall at maturity, and its flowers attract bees in July and August.

This plant is usually grown for fall interest as the leaves turn stunning shades of bronze and red making a beautiful contrast to the deep blue ripening berries. The berries are a feast for many birds including robins, nuthatches and woodpeckers, but are not for human consumption.

At Assiniboine Park, this plant can be found growing in many areas including the fence and pergola at the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden and the Seasonal Garden at The Leaf.

Engelman Ivy close up view

Engelman Ivy berries close up view