Every Thursday afternoon we go across the city to Assiniboine Park and Assiniboine Forest. Elder Mary is always with us and I love that a lot. She taught us important teachings towards the land and our culture. I really wish we had more time with her as I always enjoyed listening to her stories and what she had to say to us.

We have Knowledge Keepers come join us for the afternoon and to teach us what they’re good at such as the land, Indigenous traditional games, medicines and how to make our very own bug repellent! It is an amazing experience to sit there and participate in their teachings to our group.

Assiniboine Park and Assiniboine Forest are beautiful settings to be in for our group. We’re surrounded by nature and it just fits with what we learned over the summer. We also had camps/visits to youth, to pass on the Indigenous games we learned.

Over the summer I’ve learned leadership, independence, how to be a role model and how to talk in front of such a big group! I was really shy at the beginning. I wish this job could be forever as I loved this work experience a whole lot.*

*All the youth participating in the Indigenous Youth Storytelling Program were a part of the Seven Oaks School Division summer mentorship program.

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Knowledge Keeper Audrey Logan taught the youth how to make bug repellent using sweetgrass.



The Indigenous Youth Storytelling program is supported by The Conservation Trust through Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation.