My name is Creedon Swan and I am from Sachigo Lake First Nation in Ontario!

One of my favorite experiences that happened in the Assiniboine Forest was when we took a walk through to check out the sweet grass, cedar, poison ivy etc. It was a good experience to know all of it -- how it looked and how it all smelled too. And all the recipes and tea/drinks we could make out of it and how all medicines start with something so small but make a huge impact.

My favorite place in Assiniboine Forest is where the little garden was next to the little roof where we saw the small deer and how relaxed when it was around us and the dog that was there too. It was a very relaxing experience and just the overall environment was welcoming. And down the hill there is a swamp so going on walks to the area is the best for me!

Creedon_Text_Assiniboine_forest_deer.jpg (1.76 MB)Deer at Assiniboine Forest

The teachings that have stood out to me was when one of the knowledge keepers gave us a little statement/paper to read and it was called "Embers" by Richard Wagamese. It really stood out to me about how we as First Nations people simply defend what's behind us like our homes, families, our cultures and Land. And how it could be perceived as something else when all we do is just defend ourselves and our communities and overall our culture in general.

One of the things I'd like people to know about me is that I'm a chill welcoming person, I'm respectful to my superiors, and I try to make a positive environment everywhere I go.

The things I do for fun are exercising, especially going for runs and jogging. I like video games and music, And the things that make me laugh are going out with my friends and just overall having good times.

Some of the things I am proud of is my ambition to pursue my dream and own a business and I am proud of my drive to discipline myself whenever I feel like I need to work and push myself no matter what I'm doing -- it could be exercising, work or building the relationships around me.

The time I felt connected to the Land was when Elder Mary would say a prayer and we would stand, be silent and afterwards smudge. It felt like a very cleansing experience and just made me feel positive on the inside. Smudging is about one of the main things I like and something I looked forward to when we were in the park together.

The thing that is up next to me is to graduate high school, work and go to university to be a business major and pursue what I want to do in life!


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