I’m Hayden and I’m from Fox Lake Cree Nation but I live in Winnipeg.

My favourite place in Assiniboine Park is the stage, pond, and playground. These three places make me feel like a kid again because when I was younger I used to come here a lot.

A time I really felt connected to the earth is when we went for a walk through Assiniboine Forest picking sage and sweet grass.

One experience I really liked is when we played all types of games our people used to play. Knowledge Keeper, Norbert Mercredi, showed us all these games.

One teaching I remember is that you only take what you need, nothing more that’s our way of respecting the earth

Something that I would like you to know about me is that I’m really nice and easy to talk to. In my free time I like to hang with friends and play ball hockey or golf video games. Some goals that I have for myself are doing well in college and finding a good job, making lots of money so I can afford a nice house. I’m really proud of myself for graduating and moving on to college.

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