My name is Logan. I’m from Sagkeeng First Nation but I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba

One thing that stands out for me at the park is when Norbert came to the park and showed us a lot of cool board games that you can make with stuff you find outside. He made a hockey stick from a tree and showed us games you can play just using rocks and sticks. This is what the Indigenous kids played with way back in the day

My favourite place in the park was just being outside in nature looking at all the plants and medicine on a nice walk around the park. I never knew there were so many medicines and I love to see that.

The first day I remember one of the elders told us a story about how this fisherman was grabbing his nets but was trying to rush because there was a storm coming and he wasn’t watching the line and a fish bit him. He couldn’t get it off so he poked his eyes and the fish let go and the fisherman threw him back in the water and the fish couldn’t see so it would bump into rocks and get bit by other fish and just had a bad life after that. A few months later the fisherman was having a kid but when the baby was born he was blind. The fisherman talked to an Elder and then the Elder asked him about the time he did that to the fish. That’s why his son was blind. This story stuck with me. Now I don't even want to kill a fly or bee. It makes me think that bad things will come back to me.

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Knowledge Keeper Norbert Mercredi taught the youth traditional Indigenous games.


The Indigenous Youth Storytelling program is supported by The Conservation Trust through Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation.