Hello, my name is Michael. I am 16, living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but I was born in British Columbia. I have one brother and two sisters and I go to high school in the Seven Oaks school division.

My favorite place to visit would probably be Assiniboine Forest. It reminds me of back when I lived in the country, I would always as a kid go in the forest and make things or just sit there and listen to just how quiet it was.

Just hearing the air pass by my ears, the birds chirping and the leaves going back and forth. It just made me feel back home when I entered the Assiniboine Forest.

What I learned from Knowledge Keeper, Norbert Mercredi, is playing games with random sticks and stones. For one, I always just go to the store and buy some games, but to be honest, it's so easy to get your own supplies. Just grab sticks and stones and then you could really play any game like tic tac toe or chess. If we ever get bored, we can make a game and have fun.


The Indigenous Youth Storytelling program is supported by The Conservation Trust through Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation.