I'm Saydie and I am from Brokenhead Ojibwe Nation. I was born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba. I grew up north of Winnipeg and I am fifteen years old.

A teaching I was taught at Assiniboine Park was that we need to embrace who we are. I was taught why it's important and what great things it could bring us. I value that teaching and am grateful for Elder Mary.

My favourite place at Assiniboine park is the English Garden. I read that there's a garden dedicated to Mothers Day there and felt happy and appreciative.

I’d like everyone to know I'm sincere, and I know how it feels to struggle. I believe life is a journey to be experienced and not a problem to be solved. I do make mistakes and I am sometimes ignorant but I'm moving forward and learning more about myself everyday. I do have good and bad days and I believe we all do.

Something I like to do for fun is trying something new. I like to do crazy interesting things I've never done before. I am curious.

I am resilient and I educate myself. I create great ambitions and goals and I'm maintaining a great living for myself. I'm proud of myself and where I come from.

My people are the victims of systemic abuse and racism. The Indian Act became a legal law in 1867 in Canada. 52,795 days and counting since the Indigenous people have lived through genocide.

A time I felt connected to the land was when we were being taught by Knowledge Keepers Sara and Carl about Indigenous plants. Sara taught us about poisonous plants and Carl taught us about medicines. I've always been interested in plants so I value the teachings that were given.

I plan to work on being self-disciplined, and to keep my focus on school. I plan to focus on self-control for later surprises. Hard work pays off and that's what next for me.

An experience that stood out to me in the park was feeling connected to everyone who gave teachings. I felt welcomed and happy to be at the park with people who made me feel safe as an Indigenous girl.


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