Creature Feature: Snow Leopard

Snow leopards live on high plateaus, mountain cliffs and rugged terrain in the Himalayan mountains. Data from radio-collared wild snow leopards show some have a home range size up to a 1000 km2!
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Plant Profile: The Manitoba Maple

This year we tapped some of the Manitoba maples at Assiniboine Park to test out the amount of sap we can collect with the hope of one day making maple syrup!
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How to Shorten Your Food Supply Chain this Summer

When food supply chains are shortened, they become more sustainable. The benefits of shorter food supply chains extend from improving personal health, boosting the local economy, and reducing the negative impact on the environment.
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Celebrating 10 Years of Volunteering

In 2021, Assiniboine Park Conservancy celebrated the 10th anniversary of its volunteer program. Looking back over the years, it is incredible how the volunteer team has grown alongside the exciting advancements that have taken place in the Park and Zoo. 
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