Aunt Sally's Farm

Aunt Sally’s Farm will be returning in the spring of 2021!

Inspired by the original attraction, the NEW Aunt Sally's Farm will encourage playful encounters between children and animals, reflect modern standards for animal welfare and care, and inspire the same awe and wonder as our childhood Aunt Sally's Farm.

Do you remember Aunt Sally’s Farm?

One of the Zoo’s most beloved attractions, the original Aunt Sally’s Farm opened in the summer of 1959. Time and time again, Zoo visitors have shared their stories and memories of this charming exhibit.



The NEW Aunt Sally's Farm will feature:
  • A barn and barnyard populated with goats, llamas, and other domesticated animals such as donkeys, pot-bellied pigs, and chickens,
  • Parallel playgrounds where the Zoo’s youngest visitors can play alongside lively goats,
  • Bridges with rainbow platforms that encourage goats to climb overhead, and
  • The wishing well from the original Aunt Sally’s Farm!

Building on Assiniboine Park Zoo’s historic transformation, Aunt Sally’s Farm will celebrate exploration and discovery through up-close animal encounters. Children and adults will make lasting connections with the natural world at Aunt Sally’s Farm!

Reflecting a commitment to modern standards of animal care and welfare, the new Aunt Sally’s Farm will offer Zoo visitors a bright and joyful destination where they can learn and play. 


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Concept rendering


Help Aunt Sally’s Farm come to life

Help to create a joyful place for hands-on interactive experiences and play. Your donation will help a new generation to make lifelong memories at Aunt Sally’s Farm!

Support Aunt Sally’s Farm and the ongoing redevelopment of Assiniboine Park Zoo:


If you prefer not to donate online, please use this printable donation form


Adopt a Bench at Aunt Sally’s Farm

Honour a loved one and celebrate childhood memories with a personalized plaque on a colourful bench at Aunt Sally’s Farm. Click here to learn more about adopting a bench at Assiniboine Park Zoo.


Photo Credit - Archives Manitoba, Government Photographs, 1960.jpg (1.56 MB)
Photo: Children play at the original Aunt Sally’s Farm, Archives Manitoba, Government Photographs, 1960.

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