Grasslands & Boreal Forest

The Grasslands & Boreal Forest section features a variety of animal species native to North America. These animals are very adaptable to the extremes of our climate, from the hot sunny days of summer to our cold, blustery Winnipeg winters.

Canada’s boreal region stretches 10,000 continuous kilometers across the country’s breadth — its size rivals even that of the Amazon rain forest! As one of the world’s greatest remaining forests, the boreal provides an important haven for the many creatures that inhabit its vast canopy, lakes and wetlands.



American Bison (Bison bison)
White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus)
American Elk (Cervus canadensis)
Stone’s Sheep (Ovis dalli stonei)
Turkmenian Markhor (Capra falconeri heptneri)
Cougar (Puma concolor)
Canadian Lynx (Lynx canadensis)
Grey Wolf (Canis lupus)
Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis canadensis)
Striped Skunk (Mephitis mephitis) **


American White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) **
Saddle-billed Stork (Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis) *
Snow Goose (Anser caerulescens) **
Greater White-fronted Goose (Anser albifrons) **
Sandhill Crane (Grus canadensis) **
Snowy Owl (Nyctea scandiaca)
Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) 

*not on exhibit in winter
**currently off exhibit

Grasslands & Boreal Forest Photo Gallery

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