Shirley Richardson Butterfly Garden

The Shirley Richardson Butterfly Garden is now closed for the season. 

From late spring to early fall, Zoo visitors can explore the magical world of butterflies at the Shirley Richardson Butterfly Garden.

The seasonal exhibit is stocked in early summer with a variety of butterfly species. The garden is landscaped with flowering plants to support the butterflies through their entire life cycle.

The Garden is housed in two 2000 square foot quonsets with air-locked vestibules for entry and exit. A central area that connects the two quonsets houses a hatchery, displays, and demonstration space. The quonsets are covered with a mesh material that allows for an open-air feel, while keeping the butterflies safely inside.

Outside, plantings attract local butterflies at all stages of their life cycle. Visitors can take part in programming activities and learn how to plant their own butterfly garden.

Inside, the peaceful, pastoral garden features colourful perennial and annual flowers preferred by adult butterflies, a container garden section, interpretive information, benches and water features.

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