Welcome to Polar Town! It is always winter in this small town, and its citizens spend 365 days a year harvesting the best of this special season to share with the whole province and beyond!



Mayor's Office

The Mayor’s office is the first stop in Polar Town. Here visitors will meet Mayor Freezin’ who has been the leader of Polar Town since it was founded. The Mayor will provide a warm welcome to the town.


Town Hall

Just down from the Mayor’s office is The Town Hall -  Polar Town’s community centre and the most buzzing place in town. Folks come here to gather and celebrate, create and learn! Just like at most small town community centres, offerings such as sport, craft, music, games, dance and holiday concerts fill the calendar.

Food will be available from Beaver Tails and Faraci Foods! Hot and cold alcoholic beverages are available at Town Hall. Check the full schedule to learn more about nightly programming.



Vandenbergs Lovers Lane

Vandenbergs Lovers Lane is the most beautiful and romantic lightscape found in town. Meant to be a place to walk hand-in-hand with hopes that selfies and even engagements abound. Visitors are encouraged to walk through the magically lit light tunnel, purchase a s’mores kit to enjoy around the fire pit and cozy sitting area.


The Village

Part way down Main Street lies The Village situated at Polar Town’s most historic intersection - a place for storytelling where a fire is always lit. Local elders and artists will welcome visitors into the warmth of a teepee for cultural stories and activities.


The Icy Forest

Enter the Icy Forest, where thousands of LED lights create a magical experience in the dense forest at the along Polar Town's main trail. Each of the tree trunks light up in brilliant blue. At the edge of the Icy Forest is the Polar Town Park Office. Visitors should expect to hear stories or even a song or two by the local Park Officers about the magical history of the Icy Forest.



The Forge

At the Forge you’ll find the Blacksmiths of Polar Town who have long been employed in the building and maintenance of the town. Blacksmith demonstrations and forged items for sale will be featured nightly.



Enjoy sweet treats and warm snacks at Winston's! Treats like s'more kits, salted caramel mini donuts, apple cinnamon waffle on a stick, and nachos and pretzels will be available for purchase. Hot and cold alcoholic beverages are available at Winston's.


Tundra Trail

Visit Polar Town’s Tundra Trail and see an art installation by Kal Barteski featuring the many animals of Manitoba’s Arctic. Experience the sounds of winter designed by local artist jaymez as you walk through the beautiful trail.



Market Square

Third + Bird will be stopping in Polar Town to host a mini-market with rotating Canadian artisans (select dates). This will be a great opportunity for Polar Town visitors to purchase a special holiday gift. See the full schedule for details.


Tundra Grill

Tundra Grill is at the end of Main Street and is the most popular sitdown eatery for families in Polar Town. It boasts Polar Town specials on the menu, and provides a cozy backdrop for families and friends to meet, warm up and catch up at the end of a hard day’s work or play. Enjoy food and treats like perogie poutine, burgers, pizza, and hot dogs! Hot and cold alcoholic beverages are available at the Tundra Grill. 

Ice Bar

Enjoy a drink in Polar Town! This pop-up patio bar will be located outside of Tundra Grill, and will be the hub for late night parties.



Santa's House

Inside Tundra Grill children of all ages will have the opportunity to meet Santa Clause from November 30 - December 23. Don't forget your camera! Capturing your own photos with Santa is encouraged and free of charge!



Fire Pits

Warm your toes around a fire pit in Polar Town. There are five fire pits surrounded by cozy hay bales for sitting throughout Polar Town. 


Post Office

The Post Office is the last stop for Polar Town visitors. Take a selfie and share your photos which will become part of the projection on the main entrance building.


Wild Things Unique Gifts

Located at the Zoo entrance, Wild Things offers a variety of Zoo and Zoo Lights Festival souvenirs, art, clothing, and collectibles. Wild Things Unique Gifts is open daily from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. throughout Zoo Lights Festival. 






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