North Polar Party | December 17 + 18

Visit Santa Claus and enjoy fun, seasonal activities for whole family!
All activities takes place in and around the Tundra Grill and McFeetors Heavy Horse Centre.

  • 9 am - 11 am: Holiday Breakfast (Tundra Grill)
  • 10 am: Special Candyland Presentation for the polar bears (Tundra Grill)
  • 10 am - 3 pm: Holiday Craft Station (Tundra Grill)
  • 10 am - 3 pm: Holiday Photo Opportunity (McFeetors Heavy Horse Centre).
  • 10:30 am - 1:30 pm: Say Hello to Santa (Tundra Grill)
  • 11 am: Heavy Horse Keeper Talk (McFeetors Heavy Horse Centre)
  • 1:30 pm: Santa Walkabout with animal friends (starting at the Tundra Grill)
  • 2 pm: Heavy Horse Keeper Talk (McFeetors Heavy Horse Centre)
PLUS! Our mascot, Winston the polar bear, will be making appearances and posing for photos at the Tundra Grill on Saturday (11 am to 2 pm) and Sunday(11 am to 1 pm).

Visitors can also donate an item for our Toy Mountain toy drive. Drop-off bin located at the Zoo entrance.

percheron horse with keeper

Weekend Keeper Talks | October 2016 to March 2017

Fall and winter  are great season to get outdoors and learn about your favourite Zoo animals from the people who care for them. Join us for our new Weekend Keeper Talks, running every Saturday and Sunday from October to March.
Each month has a new theme!

Keeper Talks will be held every Saturday and Sunday at 11 am and 2 pm.
snow leopard
October - Snow Leopard Enclosure
Exciting world of snow leopards in honour of International Snow Leopard Day!
cotton top tamarin
November - Toucan Ridge
Jungle fun with plants and animals from South and Central America.
percheron horse
December - McFeetors Heavy Horse Centre
Carriage rides and holiday charm with heavy horses.
January - Kinsmen Discovery Centre
Cool and creepy January with amphibians, fish, birds and more!

polar bear
February - Journey to Churchill
Northern Explorer Month with Arctic species.

March - Camel + Tiger Enclosures
Asian expedition with camels and tigers.