Fleurs de Villes is Coming to The Leaf this January

January 11 – 21, 2024

Embark on a floral journey of discovery to global destinations

Fleurs de Villes is the world-renowned floral show behind exhibitions across Canada, US, Australia, and UK. This January, their popular exhibition Fleurs de Villes VOYAGE will be coming to the Babs Asper Display House and the Mediterranean Biome at The Leaf.

VOYAGE is a fresh floral celebration of iconic destinations and Manitoba's floral talent.

This spectacular travel-themed showcase will feature 15 one-of-a-kind fresh floral mannequins, all created by talented local floral designers and artists. The mannequins will be inspired by Manitoba’s diverse multi-cultural heritage and the cultures and climates represented in the biomes and gardens at The Leaf.


Fleurs de Villes is included with regular admission to The Leaf.

Tickets to see Fleurs de Villes VOYAGE and explore the biomes at The Leaf can be purchased online now.


Florists and Featured Destinations

The full list of local florists and featured travel destinations includes:

  • Addison Taylor Designs (Winnipeg) – Ukraine
  • Floral Fixx Design Studio (Winnipeg) – Mexico
  • Angela Moisey Creative (Winnipeg) – Iceland
  • Fache Florals (Lorette) – Japan
  • Bloom Floral Creative (Winkler) – China
  • Fleur de Fusilero (Winnipeg) – Brazil
  • Broadway Florists (Winnipeg) – Colombia
  • Academy Florist (Winnipeg) – Scotland
  • Flora Culture Floral Design (Oakbank, Winnipeg) – Portugal
  • Silver Heights Florist (Winnipeg) – Morocco
  • Beyond Flowers (Winnipeg) – India
  • Zumami Floral (Winnipeg) – Tahiti
  • Posh Pampas (Winnipeg) – the Philippines
  • Agnes Arrangements (Winnipeg) – Ethiopia

The 15th mannequin, which will honour the Indigenous history of the land we now know as Assiniboine Park, will be a collaborative creation led by an Indigenous member of the Assiniboine Park Conservancy's horticulture team and a local Indigenous designer who was involved in the creation of the Indigenous Peoples Garden at The Leaf.

About Fleurs de Villes

Fleurs de Villes (flowers of the cities) is a Vancouver, Canada based luxury brand specializing in bespoke fresh-floral experiences and activations. Fleurs de Villes has produced more than 85 unique luxury floral shows, uniting over 800 floral artists in major destinations across Canada, the United States, England, Scotland and Australia.

Winnipeg is the first stop on the Fleurs de Villes VOYAGE 2024 global tour, which has traveled to cities through the US, Canada and UK, including Chicago, Toronto, Edinburgh, Montreal, Vancouver, Seattle, Boston and New York City.

VOYAGE Fleurs de Villes logo above two floral mannequines

Fleurs de Villes mannequin

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