Garden Days takes place from June 11 - 19, and we invite you to celebrate by exploring the Park’s many gardens! We hope you find beauty, rest, and inspiration in the gardens as they grow into their full form throughout the summer.

English Garden

The winding paths and free-form beds of the English Garden are a feast for the senses in every season.

The flowing layout of the English Garden is indicative of the English Landscape style, which sought to convey an idealized but approachable view of nature, as opposed to the regimented symmetry of a formal Garden.

One of the most notable statues in the English Garden, the Boy with The Boot, was donated to the Park by the Winnipeg Downtown Rotary Club.

English Garden
English Garden at Assiniboine Park

Leo Mol Sculpture Garden
Leo Mol Sculpture Garden at Assiniboine Park

Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

Combining artistic beauty with a natural setting, the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden offers a quiet retreat to enjoy the magnificent works of master sculptor, Dr. Leo Mol.

Located in the north-west side of the Park, the garden was created as a result of Dr. Mol’s generous gift of his wonderful bronze pieces and works of art to the community in which he lived.

The garden is also home to the Leo Mol Gallery, featuring works by the gifted artist, and the Leo Mol School House Studio. In the 1960s Leo Mol purchased the former schoolhouse and many of his pieces were completed in it during the 1970s and 1980s. The interior of the School House has been maintained intact complete with molds and plaster casts of major works. It allows the visitor a glimpse of how a bronze sculpture is created.

Outdoor Gardens at The Leaf

The southeast corner of Assiniboine Park has been transformed into the outdoor Gardens at The Leaf. There are six areas to explore - Indigenous Peoples Garden, Kitchen Garden, Sensory Garden, Performance Garden, Seasonal Garden, and The Grove.

The Indigenous Peoples Garden is a gathering place that recognizes our country’s strong Indigenous heritage. Through careful planning, led by Indigenous landscape and architectural designers, this is a place that serves as a crossroads of cultures, a place for sharing knowledge, where people can discover or rediscover the culture of Canada’s first inhabitants, while offering an opportunity for Indigenous peoples to share their traditions, wisdom, and connection with the land. The garden’s design was created over the course of several years through a collaborative process involving Indigenous elders, designers, and community leaders.

Indigenous Peoples Garden
Indigenous Peoples Garden at the Gardens at The Leaf

Kitchen Garden
Kitchen Garden at the Gardens at The Leaf

The Kitchen Garden is home to a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other edible plants. It also features plantings that thematically connect the Kitchen Garden with the adjacent Indigenous Peoples’ Garden, including the three sisters (corn, squash and beans). The Kitchen Garden focuses on growing food in our Manitoba climate and will inspire you with different and unique growing options for your garden or balcony.

The Seasonal Garden celebrates change expressed through perennial plant selections that will peak at different times throughout the spring, summer, and fall. This evolving space accommodates activities in all four seasons, featuring a garden path, water feature, arbour, and seating.

The Sensory Garden is a feast for the senses! Engage with plants through sight, smell, touch, and sound. Points of interest include a garden bed dedicated to a rotating variety of colourful, aromatic, and tactile plant species, and hill-like topographical features replete with tall grasses that invite exploration.

Seasonal Garden
Seasonal Garden at the Gardens at The Leaf

Performance Garden
Performance Garden at the Gardens at The Leaf

The Performance Garden offers opportunities for visitors to enjoy a variety of different art forms while surrounded by nature. The focal point of the Performance Garden is an outdoor stage surrounding by a gently tiered and landscaped seating area.

The Grove focuses on the majesty of trees. Here you'll encounter an abundance of plant life in the spring and a cool retreat in the summer. The Grove wraps visitors in a tranquil arboretum setting that reminds us of the simple beauty and calming nature of trees and shrubs.