Not only do our Conservation and Research team work to conserve local species, but they are also involved in efforts to assess and plan conservation actions for endangered species nationally and internationally.

Our team works closely with partners from around the globe to develop and implement effective conservation strategies for threatened species.

For example, our Director of Conservation and Research Dr. Stephen Petersen is a member of COSEWIC, the committee that assesses the status of endangered wildlife in Canada.

Conservation Director in Churchill on a boat

Conservation Specialist in the field with a tiny butterfly called the Poweshiek skipperling

In addition, our team is currently working with international partners to develop conservation activities for two butterfly species, the Poweshiek skipperling and the Dakota skipper.

Recently, our Conservation Programs Manager Laura Burns shared her expertise with the Wilder Institute - Calgary Zoo and Parks Canada to create a conservation action plan for the Half-moon Hairstreak, an endangered butterfly species in Alberta.

By collaborating with international experts and organizations, Assiniboine Park Conservancy makes a significant contribution to protecting and conserving wildlife.