The showy mountain ash (sorbus decora) is a hardy accent tree, and grows between 4 – 10 meters tall. The eye-catching tree features small, white flowers in the spring, and bright orange-red or orange fruit in the late summer time and fall. This fruit can be a food source for local wildlife like birds and small mammals. The flowers are also quite fragrant and attractive for pollinators.

The showy mountain ash should be planted in full sunlight, but can tolerate some shade. It’s a hardy tree and can tolerate different moisture levels, and our tough Manitoban winters. The tree also tolerates salt, making it a good choice for boulevards in the city and suburbs.

Here at Assiniboine Park, 23 new showy mountain ash trees were recently planted throughout the Park. You can see some of these new, small trees along the pathway near the footbridge to Portage Avenue.