Miscanthus sinensis, which is also commonly called Maiden Silvergrass or Chinese Silvergrass, is currently in bloom at the English Garden at Assiniboine Park. This hardy ornamental grass is commonly used in landscaping and provides excellent fall and winter interest in our gardens while many of our other plants are no longer in bloom.

Maiden Silvergrass can grow to approximately five to six feet tall, and grows best in full sun and moist soil. It will experience most of its growth during the summer months and will remain standing throughout the fall and winter. During the late winter or early spring months, foliage can be cut close to the ground before new growth begins.

Miscanthus sinensis is native to Japan, China and Korea. It is considered an invasive species in some U.S. states, however, this is not considered a concern for many ornamental cultivars.

This species can be attractive to birds, but is also deer proof, making it a wise choice for our gardens at Assiniboine Park. In addition to the English Garden, the horticultural team here at the Park recently divided and re-planted this ornamental grass in the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden and the Nature Playground.



The Morton Arboretum
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