The Weeping Norway Spruce (picea abies 'Pendula') is an uncommon, but hardy small tree with somewhat odd angled limbs and a distinctive top. This tree’s branches hang loosely downwards, and unless staked during growth, it will not grow upwards, but rather spread along the ground.

There is a single Weeping Norway Spruce in the gardens at Assiniboine Park, in the English Garden. This specimen (pictured) was planted seven years ago, and is now starting to develop wonderful character. It will lose its traditional, coniferous, conical shape as it continues to mature.

This small tree does not require a high level of maintenance and is deer tolerant. When pruning, trim new, seasonal growth. It is best planted in full sun and is adaptable to the changing seasons here in Manitoba. When supported, a Weeping Norway Spruce may grow up to 10 - 15 feet tall. 

The horticulture team at Assiniboine Park recommends this tree as an ideal choice for a small space home garden as a featured plant.

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