Dinosaurs Uncovered

Something BIG is coming to Assiniboine Park Zoo this summer!

Dinosaurs Uncovered, an exciting and interactive new dinosaur experience, will open for a limited time only this summer at the Zoo.

Dinosaurs Uncovered will feature:

  • Outdoors: 17 life-size, animatronic dinosaurs along a forested trail
  • Indoors: Museum-quality skeletons, fossils, and artifacts

Dig deep and learn about the latest archaeological discoveries, emerging technology and science, and evolutionary connections between distant dinosaur species and their modern-day relatives.

Dinosaurs Uncovered will feature dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods including the fearsome Tyrannosaurs Rex, massive Omeisaurus, and small but mighty Velociraptor plus more recently discovered species like the feathered Dakotaraptor.

Each and every day, we are expanding our knowledge of dinosaurs and their natural history. It is a never-ending journey of discovery!


Supported by Steinbach Credit Union

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dinosaur skeleton indoors

animatronic t-rex in outdoors forested area

Dinosaurs Uncovered Giganotosaurus illustration

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