Support Persons

When a person who requires a support worker attends the Zoo, that individual pays the full admission rate, however the support person is admitted free of charge because they are accompanying someone who could not visit without support. A support worker is defined as someone who is hired, paid and on duty. Support workers should be prepared to show identification when obtaining their tickets. Assiniboine Park Zoo also works in conjunction with the Easter Seals’ Access 2 Entertainment program.

Getting Around

For your comfort and convenience we have wheelchairs and scooters (in the spring/summer/fall) available to rent during your Zoo visit. Once the daytime temperature falls below zero degrees, motorized scooter batteries become unreliable and therefore are no longer available to rent.

Wheelchair $6.00
Electric Scooter (limited availability) $30.00
Single Stroller $4.75
Double Stroller $6.75

KultureCity Sensory Bags

Assiniboine Park Conservancy has partnered with KultureCity to make the Zoo a certified sensory inclusive attraction. The KultureCity certification process included online training for our staff on how to support guests with sensory needs and provide assistance in a sensory overload situation. Sensory bags – equipped with noise canceling headphones, fidget tools, and verbal cue cards – will be available to Zoo visitors who may feel overwhelmed by the environment along with weighted lap pads.

Sensory bag are available for visitors to borrow, free of cost, during their visit from the visitor services staff at the Zoo entrance. Signage located throughout the Zoo helps alert visitors to areas where they may encounter higher noise levels. 

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted in most areas of the Zoo. For the health and safety of all the animals, the service animal's vaccination papers must be presented upon arrival at the Zoo.  Pets left in a car will result in Animal Services being called.

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