Beluga Bits in the Classroom

Welcome to Beluga Bits in the Classroom! This package will help you better use our Beluga Bits citizen science project in your home and classrooms. It will teach you how to use Beluga Bits and introduce you to Beluga Bits in the Classroom, a classroom-friendly version of the project. It will also outline thematic modules we have created around issues involving belugas and their ecosystem. We want to help you discover why citizen science projects are important, and how you can support belugas and the Arctic.

Several modules have been created that include short videos and handouts which are designed to enhance the enjoyment and engagement of students participating in the Beluga Bits project. Each module stands on its own, but also has connections to other modules. Please click on the titles below to get started!



This introduction will provide background information to help you get started exploring the Beluga Bits in the Classroom package materials.

Beluga Bits Introduction

Beluga Bits Introduction - French

Arctic Ecosystems

Manitoba is home to diverse landscapes, including several unique terrestrial and aquatic areas in the northernmost part of the province – tundra and marine ecosystems. In this module you will begin learning about these ecosystems, the species that call them home, and the important role of sea ice.

Arctic Ecosystems Fact Sheet

Arctic Ecosystems - French


Biodiversity describes the sheer variety and variability of life. In this module, you will learn about what biodiversity looks like in the Arctic, why it’s important, and what we can all do to protect biodiversity and keep ecosystems healthy.

Biodiversity Fact Sheet

Biodiversity - French

Climate Change

Arctic environments are changing faster than any other ecosystem in the face of climate change. In this module, you will learn about what climate change is, the role of human activities, and why the effects of climate change are more pronounced in the Arctic.

Climate Change Fact Sheet

Climate Change - French

Ocean Health

Oceans are our planet’s life support system and provide vital services that we all enjoy. In this module, you will learn about why oceans are important and how we can help keep our waterways and oceans healthy.

Ocean Health Fact Sheet

Ocean Health - French

Citizen Science

Citizen science projects encourage members of the public to participate in scientific research. They offer valuable help to researchers, but they are also a great opportunity to learn about the natural while having fun! In this module, you will be introduced to what citizen science is and how you can participate.

Citizen Science Fact Sheet

Citizen Science - French

How to Use Beluga Bits

You can become a citizen scientist and help us learn more about beluga whales! This module will introduce you to Beluga Bits, a citizen science project studying beluga whales in the Churchill River estuary, and provide you all the information you need to participate as a citizen scientist.

How to Use Beluga Bits

How to Use Beluga Bits - French

Beluga Biology

We think beluga whales are pretty amazing, and after participating in this program we think you will too! In this module, you will learn more about beluga whales, including their life history, diet, and different threats they face in their environment.

Beluga Biology Fact Sheet

Beluga Biology - French

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